Photo: "Things That Go Bump In the Night"

Car near Aguaberry Mine Camp, Death Valley

On our first evening in Death Valley last month, we ventured out to shoot a mine camp. It was the first time I had been shooting at night in a few months, so I was feeling a bit out of practice, but it was amazing being out under the stars again.

(Technical: This is a blend of two images, one exposed for the sky, the other for the light painting and car.)

Photo: "Downtown City Lights"

San Francisco shot from Treasure Island.
December 2012

On this particular night, a few days before the beacon on the Trans America Building turns off for the season, the bay was fairly calm and the city lights were reflecting beautifully in the water. 

To capture this shot, I used a 70-200mm lens at f/22 (to capture the starburst on the beacon) and opened the shutter for 60 seconds.

Photo: "Mud Barges"

The Mare Island Naval Shipyard was the first US naval base on the Pacific Ocean. The land was purchased in the 1850's and shipbuilding began immediately. During the years of operation the shipyard constructed 89 vessels and WWI, Mare Island was a major player in the construction of ships. To this day, they hold the record for the quickest construction of a destroyer (built in just under 18 days).