About the Photographer



I am an explorer and photographer in search of lost and forgotten history. 

When I moved to San Francisco in 2004,  I discovered the vacant Public Health Services Hospital in the Presidio, which is the building I consider responsible for my interest in the abandoned and historical sites that have been encompassing my every thought since. 

To me, all these places have a story to tell. Years ago, the now empty asylums, factories, churches, resorts,  ships and aircrafts were saturated with life. The people working, inhabiting and visiting these locations were experiencing many of the same emotions we feel today; hope, despair, love, sorrow, happiness and tragedy. As these locations vanish, their stories are being forgotten. I strive to fully document these sites in an attempt to preserve these memories before these historic relics are gone forever.  



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    Mothball Fleet Feature
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    Titan I ICBM Missile Site Feature
  • BusinessInsider.com, 2014 - View 
    Mothball Fleet Feature
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    Images and Interview for article "Light and Life In Decay: The UrbEx Photos of Amy Heiden" 
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    Cover Image 
  • International Bowling Industry, April 2011 
    Images and Interview for article "Do Bowling Centers Have Souls?"  



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  • Mare Island Nocturnes 20th Anniversary: Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco - November 2011  
  • Open Show Retrospective: Rayko Photo, San Francisco - October 2011   
  • Mare Island Nocturnes: Mare Island Historic Park Foundation Museum, Vallejo - Aug / Sept 2011 
  • RAW San Francisco: 111 Minna, San Francisco - October 21, 2010