Photo: "Cadillac Dreams"

75 second single exposure. f/10. ISO 200. 
Lit with moonlight and a Streamlight Stinger flashlight.

Since I was a teenager, I have wanted a Cadillac from one of the three years between 1959 - 1961. They are rare and typically when I see one, I get butterflies, but seeing this one rusting in this junkyard made me sad. I knew the only thing I could do would be to take photographs, so I did. 

Photo: "Missing Doorlandia"


A few years ago I used to get out and shoot one night almost every full moon with a regular group of nocturnal photographers. These days my schedule is a lot busier and I tend to do more sunrise shooting, so I don't get out at night as often as I'd like. I'm definitely hoping to change that this year. 

This image is from the archives, from a car dismantler in Northern California. The collection of cars here is pretty incredible and they all possess such amazing personalities. 

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Photo: "Things That Go Bump In the Night"

Car near Aguaberry Mine Camp, Death Valley

On our first evening in Death Valley last month, we ventured out to shoot a mine camp. It was the first time I had been shooting at night in a few months, so I was feeling a bit out of practice, but it was amazing being out under the stars again.

(Technical: This is a blend of two images, one exposed for the sky, the other for the light painting and car.)