Finding Beauty in this Crumbling World

It's so hard for me to imagine not being able to look at photos of lonely vehicles, decaying hospitals, crumbling industry, and not see beauty. I feel very fortunate that I see and enjoy the parts of the world that so many people pass by and shrug off as ugly.

I can't help but look at a bus, sitting in a field and see all the beauty in the spiderwebs collecting on the rear view mirrors, the gorgeous textures in the peeling paint, the flat tires that now look like melted asphalt and the lovely yellow tones in the dead weeds. 

In high school, I was picked on, made fun off and rejected time and time again. It took years, but I eventually learned to see the beauty inside myself. At the time, those moments were so painful, but they are very important, because I believe it's those moments that shaped my outlook on the forgotten, decaying and crumbling world...