Mayview State Hospital, Pennsylvania

The beginning of the Mayview State Hospital dates back to 1804 when the first "poor house" was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For nearly ninety years, the poor house morphed into a mental health hospital and relocated a few times.  

In the late 1890's The City Poor Farm at Homestead had constructed a separate building for the mentally ill, however the patient population had reached a maximum.  A new hospital, known as Marshalsea, in the South Fayette township, was erected. The complex contained a building for the mentally ill and a general hospital.

In 1941, Pennsylvania state took control of the mental health section of the hospital. In 1967, the population reached an all time high of 3,700 patients, including 1,200 doctors and nurses. Years later, patients were transfered to Mayview from Fairview, Dixmont and Woodview State Hospitals. Despite the transferring patients, the population began to dwindle during the 1970's. 

An announcement of the hospital's closure occurred in late 2007. At the time, only 354 patients and 800 staff members remained. The asylum was officially closed in 2008, but many of the building's had been abandoned for years.

In 2010, the campus was purchased by Aloe Brothers LLC and by early 2013, nearly all the buildings had been demolished.