Photo: "Nature's Doctor"

Nature has some incredible healing qualities. There's something about fresh air, your toes in the sand, leaves rustling in every direction, critters dancing around your feet and the open sky above your head that creates a sort of natural high.

Watching this sunset being painted in the sky was magical. I had been spying on the clouds all afternoon and hoped it would unfold like it did. When I arrived at the beach, I was shocked to see I was the only person on the sand. 

Photo: "Fort Baker Blue Hour"

This morning, I set the alarm for 4:15am and went north to the Headlands to shoot sunrise. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was nice to stand on the windless cliff, alone for an hour watching the ships move in and out of the bay while snapping a few pics. 

I haven't dumped the card from this morning yet, but here's a shot of the Golden Gate from Fort Baker, East of where I was this morning. 

Photo: "Tucked In"


My alarm went off at 7am this morning and the only few words I remember from the radio program was "Thick, low fog on the Golden Gate Bridge this morning..." Sadly, I didn't paid attention to the forecast last night, or I might have been out shooting. Hopefully +Joe Azure got something good :-)

This shot is from my first fog morning ever, taken a few weeks ago. It was a glorious morning. 

Photo: "Cerulean State of Consciousness"

On this particular evening a few weeks ago, I had plans to catch sunset at Sutro Baths, but when I left Twin Peaks, I could see the fog lurking over the beach. I continued north and made a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge lookout in San Francisco to check fog conditions at Fort Baker. All clear! 

While I was grabbing this exposure, the figure of a photographer began climbing down the rocks and then I recognized a familiar voice. Seems as though +Larry Nienkark had the same idea. 

Sadly, we didn't get any amazing color, but it was still a gorgeous evening.



Photo: "One Eye Open"


A few weeks ago, I got to experience an amazing fog morning from the Marin Headlands. Within moments of getting out of the car, I understood first hand why +Joe Azure spends so many mornings up here.

Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but it was also peaceful and quite surreal. An entire city exists under this fog blanket; a place where hundreds of people are commuting to work, taking their kids to school, going for a morning run, all unaware of the beautiful show that was taking place a few hundred feet above their heads. 

Photo: "The First Is A New Beginning"

I was going to hold off on posting these photos, but I'm too excited not to share. This morning, I experienced my first sunrise with fog at the Golden Gate.

Last night, I saw the low fog rolling over the hills on my way home and decided to wake up at 5am to check the webcams. +Joe Azure and I exchanged a few text messages and decided we were going to give it a shot, even though there was only a bit of fog on the webcams. 

When I parked my car in Marin, this was my surreal view. In fact, this was also the first shot of the morning, so it felt fitting to post the first image of the first fog morning at the beautiful Golden Gate.