Photo: "North Tower Moonrise"

On Tuesday night, I made the trek to the Marin Headlands to shoot the moonrise over the city and bridge with a few other Google+ photographers. Earlier in the day it seemed as though it would be a clear evening, but by the time we got to the headlands, it was fairly hazy. Interestingly enough, it gave the moon a very odd-shaped appearance at moonrise.  

Golden Gate 75th Anniversary

I have always been very proud to call San Francisco home, but on Sunday night, being a San Franciscan felt even better. 

Standing up on the bluff in Marin, overlooking the bridge with friends, a hundred other photographers and on-lookers was quite an experience. The wind was blowing, the wine was flowing and good conversation was being had, while we waited for nearly 5 hours for the firework/light show. 

Blur hour hit, the bridge lights started to come on, but the towers stayed dark. The traffic stopped and in one swift moment, the bridge went dark and my heart started beating faster. It was the most incredible rush though my veins as the blanket of sparklers fell from the bottom of the bridge towards the water and the feeling of euphoria continued for nearly 20 minutes. 

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!