Photo: "The Last Red Door"


Corridor inside the Wingdale Wards at Harlem Valley State Hospital. 

During my visit last year, I discovered the owners had begun illegal abatement of the property. The State of New York shut down the work being done on the property, but the damage had already been done. Just months before, this building showed evidence of natural decay. The floors were covered in moss and many rooms contained artifacts such as old telephones. 

Photo: "Patient Ward Kitchen"

Kitchen inside the Wingdale patient wards at the former Harlem State Hospital in New York. 

The former Harlem State Hospital property was recently purchased by a religious university and state of New York caught the new owners performing illegal abatement on many buildings in November 2013 and put a hold on the construction process but not before this beautiful building was stripped. This kitchen is one of the few rooms in the building that was still in tact.