Photo: "Half Time"

The Laurelton State Village facility, the first of its kind, was designed to segregate and care for "feeble-minded" women between the ages of 16 and 45. These women were mentally ill and sent here to be looked after in the early 1920's when the facility was completed. 

In 1938, over 700 women were residents and there was a waiting list another 600 women long. During their stay here, most women participated in some form of labor in the cannery, kitchen, laundry or in the fields. There were also recreational portions to the campus, as seen above. 

In the late 1960's a radical change was made and males were admitted to the campus. Decades later, in 1998, the facility would shut its doors.  

Photo: "Theatre Seating"

Mayview State Hospital, in Pennsylvania, was in operation for over 100 years. When it was founded, the patient count was around 300, but during the hospital's peak, the patient numbers reached 4,200.

The asylum was officially closed in 2008, but many of the buildings had been abandoned for years prior. 

In 2010, the campus was purchased and in the spring of 2012, campus demolition was already underway. Abatement had already begun inside the main building and a few structures had already been demolished. Inside this theatre, most of the seats had been removed and stacked against the walls, but this small section was still in tact. 

Photo: "Central Staircase"

Central staircase inside the North Annex building at Mayview State Hospital. 

The Mayview campus contained 39 buildings and was constructed on 335 acres. At the hospital's peak in the 1930's, this campus was home to over 4,000 patients.

The hospital closed in 2008, after 115 years of service. The state sold the property in 2010, for just over $500,000, to a company with a plan to turn the property into a "high amenity regional business park."

During this visit in April 2012, many of the buildings had already been demolished. 

Photo: "Weeping"

Mayview State Hospital in Pennsylvania closed in December 2008 after being in operation for over 100 years. At the time of the closure, under 40 patients remained, a drastic difference from the 4,000 patients that called Mayview home at the hospital's peak in the 1930's. 

The North Annex building, shown here, was one of the last buildings on the campus to shut down. 

Not Every Photograph I Take Is Artistic, But That's OK

Sometimes while photographing abandoned buildings, I snap images strictly for documentation purposes.

In this case, Mayview State Hospital in Pennsylvania was already in the process of being demo'd when I saw the campus for the first time. For that reason, I shot more building exteriors and photos out windows than I have in the past. In particular, the tubercular wards on the campus were some of the oldest remaining buildings and I felt they were worth a few shots.

In a few decades nothing will remain of this former asylum, but hopefully images like this will help people see what once was.