Photo: "The Sun Will Always Rise"

Sunrise over San Francisco, November 2013

 To say my life has been hectic lately would be a bit of an understatement, but even amongst the craziness, I know that eventually things will slow down and I'll get to plant my feet back on solid ground.  

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of camera time on Saturday shooting sunrise with a few friends. The conditions weren't exactly what we'd hoped for, but it was nice to be out and feeling the crisp wind on my cheeks at 5am. 

Photo: "Tucked In"


My alarm went off at 7am this morning and the only few words I remember from the radio program was "Thick, low fog on the Golden Gate Bridge this morning..." Sadly, I didn't paid attention to the forecast last night, or I might have been out shooting. Hopefully +Joe Azure got something good :-)

This shot is from my first fog morning ever, taken a few weeks ago. It was a glorious morning. 

Photo: "One Eye Open"


A few weeks ago, I got to experience an amazing fog morning from the Marin Headlands. Within moments of getting out of the car, I understood first hand why +Joe Azure spends so many mornings up here.

Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but it was also peaceful and quite surreal. An entire city exists under this fog blanket; a place where hundreds of people are commuting to work, taking their kids to school, going for a morning run, all unaware of the beautiful show that was taking place a few hundred feet above their heads.