Photo: "Far Out"

Guest room at the Adler Hotel in Sharon Springs, New York

Th Adler Hotel was built by Louis Adler in the late 1920's. He operated the hotel in the 1950's when it was purchased by another party. The hotel changed hands another three times before becoming abandoned in 2004. It is now owned by Sharon Springs, Inc, a Korean Investment Company with plans to renovate the hotel. 

Photo: "Reminisce"

The lobby of the Adler Hotel.

This Spanish style hotel in Sharon Springs, NY once contained Sulphur Baths in the basement where the Jewish guests would come to relax. The Adler Hotel opened its doors in 1927 and closed in 2004. During the summer of 1946, one of the busboys at this hotel was Edward I. Koch, the future mayor of New York City.

Photo: "Copter"

The Adler was one of the last hotels established in Sharon Springs, New York, first opening its doors in 1927. After World War II, the town began to boom, catering to the Jewish community not welcomed in nearby Satatoga. Amenities included a kosher kitchen, 150 plush rooms and the basement full of sulfur baths. The Adler closed her doors in 2004.