Onyx Seas

You dipped your poisonous tongue
into the tumultuous sea
and spoke works of venom
from a cauldron of anger
when you lost control
Those soulless fingers
played the musical keys of sadness
aimless amongst the magnificent
as the eyes warned
dangerous curves ahead
but caution was never heeded
and your lips saturated the flowers
along the banks of the incessant river
overflowing into the the home of the Saint. 

Tell Me

Tell me
you're losing it all too. 
Into the dark
we venture hand in hand
Let's fade back inside
back inside you. 
Tell me
you're losing it all too. 
What went wrong
in the cacophony of the madness
I nearly lost you.  
Follow the footsteps
firing at the ground in a frenzied fury
through a thousand heartbeats
let them land
between your lips
and I want you
Tell me
you're losing it all too.