Photo: "Bay Bridge Construction" + Photographer Rights

Eastern span of the Bay Bridge, showing construction of the new span.
(Night. No moon. 65 seconds. f/16. Lit by ambient light.)

Last night, a few hours after I got off work in Alameda, I ended up here on Treasure Island photographing the new span of the Bay Bridge. However, my intention last night was to shoot at the Alameda NAS, to get the last few shots needed for my Coast flashlight review, but my evening was cut short when a security guard told me I was not allowed to take photos of the buildings. It started a debate about how I was on public property and not breaking any rules by photographing the buildings. He kept spewing rules he had obviously been told by someone who hadn't been educated about the law and though he was being very kind about it, I was getting very annoyed. Since I was alone and it was after 10pm, I wasn't in the mood to wait around for the Cops to show up if I continued to shoot, so I agreed to leave. He did give me the business card of the management company for most of the buildings on the base. I will be contacting them regarding the ridiculous "rules" they have made-up in regards to the photography of their buildings.