Photo: "Cedar Creek Grist Mill"

This last year has taught me many things. I realized, once again, that when your mind is open to new adventures, a new adventure has the ability to land in your lap. It sounds so basic, but if you have tunnel vision and are only focused on one thing, it can be really difficult to see the things around you. 

This photograph is a mix of my love for historic/abandoned places and nature, but this was not an easy place to shoot. Maybe it was the day. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was the fact that I was trying to shoot just the mill. Whatever it was that caused me to stand there and absorb my surroundings for a while, allowed me to see the things around me and create this image. 

Photo: "Satsop From Above"

View of the unfinished Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, now known as the Satsop Business Park, from the top of one of the cooling towers. 

Between 1975 - 1978, construction began on this plant, but the heaviest construction occurred in the early 1980's when the facility employed almost 5,000 workers. 

By 1982, construction efforts had halted and thousands of workers were laid off. Around 10 years later, all building plans were terminated and staff was reduced to a bare minimum. 

Photo: "Curves Against Time"

Inside the cooling tower at the incomplete Satsop Nuclear Power Plant in Washington. 

In 1975, preliminary work began on this site. Between 1980-1982, construction efforts were in full swing and the site employed 5,000 workers. A few short years later, construction on the plant was terminated and hundreds of workers lost their jobs.