Photo: "Single Family Rehabilitation Home"


Inside Unit 2, a very large Children's Preventorium at the former South Mountain Sanatorium, lies this unusual structure. Located on the fourth floor in the center section of the building, sits what resembles a standard family house, complete with a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and two small bedrooms. Sadly, not much information can be found about this house, but from the documentation I have found, it seems it was designed to be a rehabilitation home for a family with a child who had tuberculosis, but was not yet showing the active symptoms of the disease. 

Photo: "Streetlight Cures"

Light from a streetlamp, just before dawn, seeps into a patient room at the Mont Alto Sanatorium in Pennsylvania.

The roots of the sanatorium began in 1901 with one shack in the mountains of Pennsylvania. This building, Unit 2, was constructed in 1938 and designed as a Children's Preventorium, to treat tuberculosis.

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