Photo: "Controlsss"


I'm hanging out in a hotel room in the the desert, staying cool while the world melts from the 100 degree temps outside. 

I wish I could say I've been night shooting recently, but the last time I took my camera out beneath a moon was in March, when I shot an aircraft boneyard with the two guys (Mike Hows and Joe Reed) I'm shooting with tonight at a car junkyard. 

I can't wait. 

Photo: "North Island"

(Full moon night. 240 seconds. f/10. ISO 200)

Earlier this year, I took a night photography workshop in Arizona taught by Mike Hows and Joe Reed. It was a really great time hanging out in this airplane boneyard catching up with old friends. If you’re looking to do a night photography workshop I’d strongly encourage you to check out one of theirs. They get access to rad locations and have a great laid back and “hands on” teaching style.    

Photo: "Throttle Controls"

While in Arizona last weekend, I played with the ProtoMachines LED2 light and all I can say is damn! 

This light has 9 different brightness settings, saturation control from 1-100% as well as RGB color control. 

The image above was shot from two different angles at a low brightness setting, while using a blue and white color.