Photo: "The Green Room"

I remembered seeing this gorgeous room on my very brief first visit to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital many years ago, but I didn't find the time to photograph it. During my trip last Spring, I made it a priority to find it and photograph it. 

This room did not contain any built in closets so one could speculate that this room was intended to hold multiple patient beds and house more than one patient. 

(This image is a pano comprised of 3 horizontal images taken with my tilt shift and stacked vertically.)


Photo: "Seaside Sanatorium"

Doctor and nurses quarters. 

The Seaside Sanatorium in Waterford, Connecticut opened in 1930 as a tuberculosis hospital for children. The location was chosen based on the thought that the fresh air of the Long Island Sound would help ail the suffering children. In 1958, the hospital began treating the elderly who were mentally handicapped. In the 1970's, there was evidence that those hospitalized at Seaside were being abused by the staff causing a higher death rate among the patients. Due to those allegations, the hospital closed in 1996.