Photo: Female Violent Ward Collapse

Female violent wards, Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital - New Jersey

When the outer wings of Greystone Park Psychiatric closed in the 1970's, a plan to protect the roof was never implemented and after experiencing many years of extreme East Coast weather, the decay has become dangerous.

The hospital completely shut down in 2008 after a new hospital was constructed behind the original campus. Sadly, this beautiful historic stone building is slated for demolition later this year.

Photo: "Skylight in Lieu of Decay"

Greystone Park Psychiatric, in Morris Plains, New Jersey was constructed in 1877, following the Kirkbride plan, to relieve overcrowding at nearby Trenton State Hospital and was known as the largest contiguous foundation in the United States, from it's opening until the Pentagon was built in 1943. 

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