Photo: "Following Rules In National Parks"

The colors of the Excelsior Spring were unreal and watching the steam dance in the sunlight was mesmerizing.

Yellowstone is an absolutely incredible place, but I encourage everyone to follow the rules when you visit.

Yesterday, a photographer flew a drone over the Grand Prismatic Spring, ignoring National Park rules banning drone use inside parks, and it crashed into the Grand Prismatic Spring sinking to the bottom of the 120 foot deep pool -

All it takes it one person to potentially destroy a beautiful natural wonder and ruin it for everyone else...

Photo: "Grand Prismatic Spring"

I took two steps and felt like I had been submerged into a living painting. 

My dry skin danced while being steamed by the heat of the spring beneath the dry summer sun. 

My eyes began to flutter one hundred miles an hour, faster than my heart could keep up. 

I had waited years to see this and it was more grand than I ever imagined...