Photo: "Bull Moose"

It's not often that I post images of critters, because it's rare that I get close enough to get a great shot with the equipment I have. 

On this particular day in Wyoming, my Dad, brother and I were driving over a bridge into the town of Moose when we noticed a crowd of people standing on the bridge. We ran over to discover a bull moose, standing 10 feet below us, chilling and eating greens along the riverside. I had never seen a wild moose and seeing him that close in Moose, Wyoming was even better. 

Travel: Wyoming 2014

Last month, I spent 5 days in Wyoming with my brother and Dad. 

Similar to last year, my brother and I flew to meet up with Dad on his 6,000 mile, 6 week road trip across the Western half of the United States in his 1950 Ford Woody pulling a 1947 teardrop trailer. 

We started off in the Grand Tetons for 2 days and then went North into Yellowstone for the last half of the trip. 

Having never been to Wyoming, I didn't know what to expect, but I was hoping to see buffalo or a moose for the first time in addition to the amazing mountains, beautiful geysers and thermal activity in the area. 

Of course Wyoming did not disappoint. I saw wild buffalo, got within 30 feet of a bull moose and saw many beautiful unreal pools of bubbly hot water. I paddle boarded on the most beautiful lake I have ever seen surrounded by the Grand Tetons, lilypads and fish, camped in a tent through 2 nights of torrential downpour as the lightning and thunder crashed all around and loved every minute of it. 

Thank you family for the amazing adventure! 

With my Dad and brother at Firehole Falls

With my Dad and brother at Firehole Falls


Grand Tetons National Park

1950 Ford Woody entering the Park

American Bison, Grand Tetons National Park 

American Bison, Grand Tetons National Park 

American Bison Nursing, Grand Tetons National Park 


Shooting Ansel Adams style


Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park 


Bull moose spotted in Moose, Wyoming

Sun setting while driving through the Grand Tetons 

Paddle boarding on String Lake

Snake River

Oxbow Bend

Female Deer

Female Deer


Yellowstone National Park

Continental Divide in the 1950 Ford Woody 

Emerald Pool 

Blue Sapphire Pool 

Excelsior Glacier 

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring, iPhone pano

Black Sand Basin, iPhone pano

Old Faithful 

Yellowstone Lake Hot Springs

Churning Cauldron 

Mud Volcano Area

Tower Falls

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs 

Biscuit Basin 

Bisquit Basin, iPhone Pano

Elk along the roadside