Pics of the Week (6/16/10)

Untitled - sureShutThe contrast between the soft white curved lines and sharp dark lines in this photo really do it for me. The framing is really nice, especially with the curved lines leading in from the bottom right corner of the frame.

Giant's Causeway - DavidCidrePhotography
The color combination here is very beautiful; the sky in warmer tones and the water in cooler hues. The motion in the clouds and water add a nice fantasy feeling to this image.

scale - moucri
The framing in this shot is spectacular. The fact that it's extremely off centered is fantastic. I also love how the color of the car almost camoflages it in the scene. Really great.

The Lost City - AndersonImages
To me, this photo emmulates a fantasy world. Having been to Machu Picchu, I can say first hand, that it is a very alien-like landscape. The fog in this photo really helps to accentuates that.

Elephant Seal Pup - Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography
This photo captures such an incredible moment. This pup looks very curious and playful, almost as if he is interacting with the photographer. The exposure is incredible. He captured the details in the foreground without over-exposing the sky.

JFW - Zena Holloway
I stumbled upon this photographer accidentally and was immediately captivated by her work. This photograph was definitely one of my favorites. You might not know from looking at this shot, but it was taken underwater. To me, that makes it more intriguing. The photographer captured beautiful expressions and poses even despite the constraints of the water. The shape of the model's body on the right is beautiful.

back to the beqa lagoon #5 - pats0n
Wow! I love how in-your-face the shark is here, yet at the same time, the photographer was still able to keep his whole body in the shot. That makes it much more powerful.

/ / / | \ - maxxsmart
The anonymous nature of this photos subjects really works here. The light reflecting off the towers in combination with the clouds is truly stunning. The photographer's black and white processing is fantastic, as usual.

Untitled - LaraJade
For me, the hanging flowers in this shot make it really magical. The similar hues and tones work well here, and the contrast of the model's pastel dress on the grass really works nicely.

Untitled - Christoph Morlinghaus
This photo captivates me in a strange way. I love the symmettry and lack of it here. The angle of the cars is pleasant to the eye and the lines in the empty stalls really put this shot over the top. Fantastic abstract!

Pics of the Week (4/13/10)

Duelling Zebras - wwarby
What a great moment, captured in time. Love the position of the zebras and the fact that one is bearing his teeth. Fantastic capture.

Help Is Here - TakenPictures
I see a great story within this image, about a lonely car, in need of some TLC. Fantastic exposure and lighting as well as composition.

Magic Curves - Bousure
The lighting on the steps is incredible here, drawing your eye right to the beautiful curves in the staircase. Fantastic composition.

Empty Kingdom - City Eyes
The symmetry of this shot is appealing to me. I love the colors and lines in the chairs, contrasting with the curves of the entryway.

Essex County Jail - Future Impaired
The colors initially drew my eye to this photograph, butthe textures and compsition are also very nice. I find myself wondering what's behind the barred window.

- Julie Michelle (CaliberSF)This photo makes me feel lonely, but I love how she's looking into the distance yet you can barely see the silhouettes of the sailboats through the fog.

The Four Corners Hotel - Tunnelbug
The colors of this shot are fantastic. I love the red fire escape and the bare trees on either side of the house. The photographer did a nice job with the HDR processing on this shot.

Brown Vine Snake, Panama - Andrew Carrano (National Geographic)

The depth of field in this shot is fantastic because it makes me feel like the snake is about to bit me. I love the detail in his eyes and mouth. Fantastic moment captured here. 

Iceland - Andri Elfarsson
The blue colors in the water definitely caught my attention first, but as I studied the person in the photo, I began to wonder what he would say to me if I was  there and spoke to him. I'd want to ask him what he is doing standing there. This photo gives me so many opportunities to create a story in my head, not to mention it's beautifully photographed. 

Cochese. - ~ Buffalonian ~
I love the perspective of this photo. It really helps personify the car to me. Beautiful colors and processing as well.

Pics of the Week (4/5/10)

Fin - Autopsea
At first glance, I was drawn to the colors and detail in this shot. The photographer captured a great moment here, showing a Clown Fish hiding inside an anemone.

Looking for the Light - andywon
The mood of this photo is fantastic.  I love the cool tranquility of this shot. I am also left curious, waiting, because it's almost as though someone or something should appear from the mist at the end of the path.

CeCy Young
The creativity here is great. I love her take on Alice and Wonderland.

untitled - moucri
Beautifully simple and slightly abstract. I love the depth of field, especially when it comes to the waterdrops.

Changes - murdokibz
Great colors and framing of the moving water between the rocks on the left and right. The synonymous motion of the clouds and water works well together.

Dunes - Thierry Hennet
This photo has beautiful curves and lines that vanish nicely into the left corner of the frame. Nice subtle abstract feel to the shot.

Anchor and Chain - AGrinberg
Great composition, colors and textures. I love the touch of water in the left corner of the frame, giving the photo a little more context. Beautiful!

Wedge Dunes Sunset - jeffiebrown
This place looks so peaceful and serene. I love the clouds and lines in the sand. Gorgeous detail!

even ovals - Mor.gan
I've always been captivated by waves since I was a kid. I can sit at the beach and watch them break on the shore for hours and never get bored. This shot demonstrates that curiosity and fascination very well. Beautiful wave, blue water and blue skies.

Sardes, 2003 - nuri bilge ceylan
This is a truly unique photograph, as it's a cinemascope, the format of shooting widescreen from the 50's-60's. I love that this photographer has gone back to this format. There is no useless space in this photo. Every inch of this photo captures an important element of the scene. I love how the person is framed in the right portion of the photo. Great setting and composition here. 

Pics of the Week (2/8/10)

Langjokull Glacier, Iceland - Tyler Stableford
To me, this photo tells an incredible story of courage, strength and determination while it captures the incredible details and colors of this ice environment. The framing is stellar and I love the contrast of the red jacket against the ice.

Jasper Sunset - Chip Philips
This photo has a lot of really beautiful tones, especially in the sky & reflection. There's a nice depth to it, the way the trees lead to the mountain in the deeper background. Stunning!

bus Stop - Chocolate-Milk
I like the combination of nature & urban decay here, especially with the snow on the ground. I think the photographer chose a great color for the lighting inside the bus and did a great job with the exposure, especially with the sky.

Maligne Starry Sky - Dominic Kamp
I love the composition and framing of this photograph; the vertically offset composition works beautifully. The exposure is wonderfully done. I also love the overall cold feeling of the image, which pairs nicely with the starry night.

In Heaven - Dominic Kamp
I first saw this photo and thought it was a reflection in the sand at a beach, until I saw the tree in the center of the frame on the far right. (You missed it too, didn't you?) I love how subtle the horizon reference is and how the brightest light is coming from behind that "cloud-like" tree. The title of this photo definitely resembles it's feel, heavenly. 

The Boss is Pissed - takenpictures
I love how Mike Hows gave this car such character with the lighting and angle of the photo; the car definitely looks angry and upset. He did a nice job differenciating this car from the ones in the background, by using the lighting to make it stand out.

Not so Golden Gate: Marin Headlands California - Ivan Sohrakoff
There's a few different vantage points for Golden Gate Bridge photos, but most of the photos I've seen from each spot look very similar. I love how the photographer got a slightly different take on the bridge in this shot. I like the vertical composition, the way the fog desaturates the orange of the bridge and the fact that I can't see the city in the background.

Fog wars - sparth
This photo has a fantastic two-toned processing and subtle touches, the fog and birds flying low to the water, giving it fantasy feel. It almost feels like a fairy tale. Very well done!

Aurora Boealis, Tromvik - antonyspencer
The cool tones in this image work well together, complimenting one another nicely. I love how the lights in the sky wrap from the top center of the frame down to the right then into the center near the peaks. It's a beautiful shape, mirroring the hills/mountains.

Blast Lock - Scott Haefner
The strongest elements in this photo are the light painting and depth it gives the photo. The different colors of light help seperate the three sections of the photo, giving the viewer a great POV. The subject is incredible significant (this is inside a Titan II missile silo), but even to an unknowledgable eye the photo is still interesting.

Pics of the Week (1/21/10)

Southern Oregon Coast - Jesse Estes
The lighting in this photo is truly beautiful, especially how it breaks up through the trees. I also think the asymetrical feel is appealing. The photographer posted a color version of this shot, but the tones in the B&W shot are much more striking.

Untitled - moucri
This photo has so many great elements, like the detail and textures in the cherry blossoms and feathers. She did a really nice job with the bokeh and the off-set composition. She was also able to capture the character of these wild parrots in this photo.

upper yosemite falls moonbow - Ilikethenight
A friend once told me that moonbows existed, when the full moon was just right. Well this is definitely one of the better photos of a moonbow I've seen. The composition and exposure are perfect and the I think the saturation of the sky in the upper part of the frame is a nice balance to the moonbow colors in the lower portion of the frame.

Scofflaw - Lost America
The composition and colors of this shot caught my attention first. The touch of red on the fence really helps it stand out against the grey building and the use of space within the frame is spot on.

Hannah - rinaen
The B&W treatment here is great, especially with the light coming over her left shoulder, washing out the upper right corner. I love the pose and expression on her face. Beautiful!

Black Hole
- Scott Haefner
The wide angle/fisheye treatment on this shot is perfect. It gives the photo a grandioise, other worldy character. The dark, ominous shadows really creates an eery feeling, leaving you wondering what else lies within the silo.

Bowling Ball Beach - maxxsmart
This is one of the more interesting shots I've seen of this location. I love the rich tones in this photo, definitely a good choice to convert to B&W. The angle of the rocks going from from the right side of the frame to the left makes the composition interesting and the light in the sky at the horizon helps define where the sky begins and the sea ends.

Stairs - Emma I.
Seeing this shot made me really want to send a bouncy ball down this set of stairs. It's quirky, elegant, playful, abstract and stunning. I love how the steps all show on the upper side of the stairs, giving it this offbalance, yet interesting composition. The colors are fantastic as well. Overall, this is brilliant!

Center Stage - no3rdw
I saw this and was tempted to book a trip to the East Coast the following weekend. This captured my curiosity as well as the event production / concert go-er in me. Venues like this in the US don't exist anymore. I love how the perspective shows the immense size of this place. Stunning!

Untitled - Bill Reichardt
Where do I start? Everything about this shot is great. The red laytex gloves caught my attention first, then I started looking at the creative perspective of the shot. Every inch of the frame is full of interesting details, like the pots on the floor, the smoke in the upper left corner of the frame, the flaming teddy bear, the cross necklace. He captured a great expression here and left me wondering why she was inside a cupboard and why is the teddy bear in the over and on fire. I only wish the fingers hadn't been cut off, but overall it's an incredible shot!


Pics of the Week (1/2/10)

Christmas Eve - Antti-Jussi Liikakla
The colors of this photo really speak to me. The haze and the gradient from blue to yellow to blue really conveys the photo's mood. I like the unsymmetric composition with the moon on the left and trees on the right.

Merry Christmas - Kerry Park, Queen Anne, Seattle
- kevin mcneal
The stunning blanket of magenta covering this photo makes me curious to see what the sunset looked like. The beautiful, soft texture of the clouds is a nice contrast to the sharp, boxy cityscape skyline.

Western Clown anemone fish (2)
- Paul Flandinette
The composition of the fish in this photo is pleasing to my eye, with the size of the fish ranging from large to small. The color contrast between the red of the anemone's shell, the orange of the fish and the bright green of the tentacles is truly beautiful.

In the Moment #2 - Rodeo Beach, California - Jim Patterson Photography

This photo has two main appeals for me; the motion in the water wrapping around the rock and the texture in the foreground rock, in contrast to the silouetted rocks in the background.  The position of the sun behind the center rock is a nice focal point.

Untitled - jackbritboy
This photo is incredibly compelling to me. The lighting is truly beautiful, especially on her eyes, skin and lips as well as the leather portion of the dress.  I also like the unusual composition, with her arm covering one eye.

Titan I Operational Systems Test Facility - Tunnelbug
The added green lighting at the end of this tunnel is eye catching and creates nice shadows on the corregated walls. I also find the dripping water intriguing. The rusted floor and walls in the foreground is a really beautiful contrast to the green.

Giannis D (16) - Paul Flandinette
Seeing this photo makes me want to go out and get PADI certified tomorrow. I like how this photo spans from the water's surface to the sea floor. The scuba diver gives an added sense of scale, which is necessary for this photo. I love the angle of the ship and the vast amount of detail. Beautiful!

West Indian Manatees - Crystal River, Florida
- James R.D. Scott
The shades of blue in this photo are incredible and the added touch of color from the yellow fish in the background helps create better color dynamics. The position of the manatees and their beautiful reflection in the water's surface is also captivating.

KISS: Concert Photos - Todd |
He captured a rare moment, a look inside the stage life of a legendary performer. The focus remained on the face and body, giving the hand a very 'in your face' out of focus look. Great shot!

Copenhaver Castle - Scott Haefner
I think my favorite part about this shot is the cactus (and its shadow). It really helps give this photo depth and helps balance the castle in the right side of the photo. The driveway does a nice job of leading your eye upwards towards the castle.


Pics of the Week (12/14/09)

Titan II Missile - Scott Haefner
There photo definitely caught my eye for the "cool factor," but I also love the colors, processing and depth of the photo. The yellow hue and the shaded area in the center of the frame help give the subject perspective and depth.

Eastern Screech Owl - BigBrotherBear
This is a very nice use of bokeh and colors behind the owl. I am also impressed by how the photographer framed the photo. Beautiful!

Pinsetter - rustyjaw
What beautiful, gritty processing! The vast amount of detail is such a nice touch to this shot, especially on the pin. The lighting helps my eye focus on the subject while slightly illuminating the rest of the frame.

Haunted House on Happy Hill - Loren Zemlicka
The processing of this shot caught my eye right away. I love the warm tones of the house and grass, mixed with the slightly grey, cooler sky. I also like the slightly off-centered composition of the photo.

Out Out Outhouse - soundguy20000
The lightpainting of this photos adds such a nice touch. I like how the color of the gelled strobe inside  the shack matches the hues of the lights in the distance. The spilling light coming out of the door and the shadow of the shack from the moon are all great assets to this shot.

Golden Gate Bridge - Jay Tankersley Photography
While I typically am not a fan of square photos, I like the way this one turned out. Every portion of the frame has a detail worth paying attention to. The misty, motioned water and color of the sky helps give this photo a surreal feel.

Underwater Ofu - AndersonImages
This is pure paradise! These are the types of photos that motivate me to travel. They entise my every sense, pulling me in. I feel emersed. I love the split image, giving us a view of two very different worlds and the color contrast between the two halves of the photo are beautiful. I'm very impressed by how the lines in the ocean lead your eye to the "V" in the mountain in the center of the frame. Stunning!

Shark Alley - AndersonImages
The composition of this shot is interesting. I think the coral reef on the lower left half of the frame works because the subjects are in the upper right portion of the frame, creating a nice offset of one another. I like the natural effect of the water, giving farther subjects less color and contrast, which forces the shark in the center of the frame to stand out. Captivating!

Bonsai Rock - Lake Tahoe, Nevada - Jim Patterson Photography
I love the perspective of this photo, giving the feeling as though you are submersed in the lake. The reflection of the sky in the water, in contrast to the rock shadows, is a beautiful touch, making the rocks pop. The colors are beautiful and the composition soothing.

Pics of the Week (11/30/09)

Antelope-Curves - chaybert
The colors of this image are incredibly striking. I love the smooth textures and the way the light creates shadows. The eye has a lot of lines and shapes to play with here.

Garrapata State Park - JT-Photos
Even though the horizon splits this image in two, I see three sections of the photo (land, sea & sky), all containing beautiful detail. The cloud burst and misted water is a really nice touch to this landscape.

China Camp Island - maxxsmart
This photo captures my idea of perfect black and white processing, spanning from true black to true white. The photo is nicely balanced with the dark tones in the light water and light tones in the dark sky. I also love the mystical, fantasy feel to the image.

Under the Sun's Rays - Trevor Anderson
The colors and lighting in this photo are very fairytale-like, conveying a great sense of mystery and beauty. The white flowers are particularly interesting, with their orange tint from the sun working nicely with their orange centers. The small plants in the foreground create a nice silhouette, especially in contrast to the lighter background.

Nightmare - brentbat
The way this photo was lit is incredible and really helps point your eye to the subject, while also leaving her face half in the shadows. The graffiti behind the girls head is a really haunting and an eerie addition to the photo as well as the smoke/dust in the air. I get such a feeling of lonliness and desolation from this photo, but it is still beautiful.

Bursting in the Bristlecone - mm767cap
Beautiful black & white photo with lots of detail, even in the shadows. The sun beam between the branches of the tree is the deal breaker for me, but my eye is satisfied from the foreground to the background.

Alone - Fevi in Cayman
I am probably biased to this photo because I love rays, but I think this shot is simple and beautiful regardless. The gradient of color from desaturated at the bottom of the image to very saturated at the top is beautiful and is a nice contrast to the dark ray.

IIIIIIIIIIII////// - Heilah
When looking at this photograph, I am torn between feeling sad and feeling pleased. In a photographic sense, this image is very interesting; the play between the lines, beautiful. However there is a very lonely feeling conveyed by the zebra in this image that makes me sad; a nice dichotomy for my emotions.

Education Wing - Scott Haefner
The depth and lighting in this image intitially drew my eye to this photograph. The most prominent areas of light are at the doors, which also causes the shadows to fall in the less interesting aspects of the photo in a perfect, yet natural manner.  I also love the contrasting lines between the ceiling lights and the angles of the doors.  What a great grungy feel this photo converys; I can almost smell the murky, musty scent inside this building.

Pics of the Week (11/16/09)

Old Crystal Mill, Colorado - Stephen Oachs
I have seen a few different shots from this location, but this is my favorite. The processing of this shot is stellar. The tones range from true white to true black and the colors are stunning. The composition is spot on and the tall tree in the center of the frame draws your eye nicely to the mill.

Predawn Glow - Sheldon Nalos
I love how the moving water walks the eye to the peak in the background. The added brightness, from the sun on the peak, also helps move your eye that direction without being too bright, distracting from the rest of the photo. The bit of water leading to the bottom left of the frame also helps break up the, what would be, large chunk of snow in the foreground.  

Untitled - robdobi
I was first drawn to this shot by the lighting. The shadows really help accentuate the details, shape and depth of the tub. This composition also appeals to be me in a lucid, yet interesting way.

- spacetimecurvature
This shot has very nice lines, leading from the corners of the frame into the center, drawing your eye to the pins and scoreboard. I like the use of lighting, combining the 2 hues to give a sense of depth.

Abandoned House - Jeff McMullin
This shot makes me feel lonely. It appears as though the resident of this house vanished, piquing my curiosity, leaving me wondering why these items were left behind. The details are nice, as is the lighting.

Timeless by Michael Anderson - AndersonImages

This image is inundated with detail, creating a fantastic, straight out of 'National Geographic' feel. The cormorant, with its' wings extended, is the deal breaker for me.  The photographer created such a moment, a sliver in time, by capturing the lighting and motion of the wings in this manner.

Aerosmith! - Todd |
The 'in-your-face' perspective of this photo is dynamite! I love the reflection in Steven Tyler's glasses and the way he's holding the mic stand. This is the type of concert photo I would love to have in my portfolio.

a sighting - It was the light, it was the angle
My first thought upon glancing at this photo is of snow angels, which is a great contrast to the colors and textures of this abandoned building. I also love the way the blinds are synonymous to her dress in shape and color.

Giraffe Tiles - Zack Schnepf
This photo is interesting to me because it's hard to define a sense of scale, but the detail and texture is incredible and I love the warm/cool color contrast between the sand and sky.

Vilamendhoo and Reef - StormCab
I absolutely love this! What a beautiful example of two different worlds. I love how the color of the blue fish matches the sky, creating a nice tie between the two halves of the photo.


Pics of the Week (11/5/09)

Light weaver- Arno Dil

I am terrified of spiders and normally close images of them on the web rather quickly, but I saw this one and didn't close the tab. I was intrigued by the incredibly creative perspective. I love the use of depth of field here and think the way he filled the frame is really interesting.

ID - Zuan
Upon first glance, I assume this photo is a fashion piece showcasing the glove, but this photo also leaves me with questions. Who is this girl? Why that expression? What is she doing with her hand and eye?  I feel as though it leaves the viewer to imagine all of these answers while being fun & quirky.

Dark Alley - Rustyjaw
I absolutely love the processing on this shot. Rustyjaw has one of the finest HDR processing techniques and it shows here. I love the framing, perspective and the orange light in the background drawing your eye into the frame.

DQ - Noel Kerns
I love the cool colors in this shot and the way the roof covers the image frame horizontally. Noel has left me curious about the contents that were left behind when this Dairy Queen was abandoned by his use of a light inside the store.

Buck Hill Inn - Jeff McMullin
When I look at this photo, I am left with a lot of questions and most of them stem from the fact that I know this place is abandoned (based on his flickr tags and his typical subjects). I want to know why the roller skates were left, what the papers on the counter say and I want to see what the rest of this Inn looks like. I like enjoy subtle depth of field and colors.

Have A Meddingly Happy Halloween - Boy_Wonder
I saw this shot in Flickr Explore and couldn't help but smile. Part of it was because I love Alice and Wonderland, but I also think I enjoyed the quirky and fun attitude in this photo. I like the misty forest feel and lighting of the photo as well as his expression.

The Ice Cavern - Michael Anderson
My first reaction to this image was disbelief and awe. I was shocked when I realized this was not a National Geographic image. I was blown away by the use of space within the frame, lighting and processing of this shot. It looks like an incredible place I could only dream of visiting.

Macbeth - NZ Opera - Alexia Sinclair
I typically don't find heavily Photoshopped or unrealistic photos intriguing, but this one caught me eye. I thought the processing was very well done and I love how the models are so involved in the scene, with their positioning and expressions. The ghost of the man and the scarf (acting as blood) are also great elements to this shot.

Leave the lights on for me - Sheldon Nalos
I love the framing of this shot and the star trails definitely make it more interesting. I like the overall darkness of the image (so that you don't see what surrounds the house) with the exception of the house interior. The light falling out the front door is also a really nice touch.

Untitled - Steve Bloom

 What a unique perspective of African Wildlife. The colors are beautiful, but the shadows really make this shot incredible.


Pics of the Week (9/18/09)

Work has been a little crazy over the last few weeks, so I haven't had any time to blog. Things are settling down again, so I'm back with some great photos for the week. Enjoy!

"Theatre at Ord" - Tunnelbug

"Glass Corner/Outside HPNS" - henrick kam

"Edgar Allan Poe" - Michael T Regan

"Fallen Roof Ruin" - Stephen Oachs

"spreepark_06b" -

"Forever... It Will Stay" - maxxsmart

"file away" - rustyjaw

"blue heat" - hkvam