Photo: "Intertwined"


Sadly not much is known about this beautiful power plant, but it appears to have been part of the former 1950's era Beaunit Rayon Factory in Childersburg, Alabama. 

The plant still stands on well maintained grounds between many active businesses, while the rubble of the now demolished Rayon Factory lays scattered around the nearby fields. 

Photo: "North Island"

(Full moon night. 240 seconds. f/10. ISO 200)

Earlier this year, I took a night photography workshop in Arizona taught by Mike Hows and Joe Reed. It was a really great time hanging out in this airplane boneyard catching up with old friends. If you’re looking to do a night photography workshop I’d strongly encourage you to check out one of theirs. They get access to rad locations and have a great laid back and “hands on” teaching style.    

Photo: "Goodbye"

Demolition on Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital has been underway for a few months now and yesterday, video was posted showing the demolition has reached the Administration section of the Kirkbride, which means this corridor is gone. 

In a few months, she will be nothing more than a memory and that is very tragic. History is vanishing right before our eyes and once it is gone, it will be too late to ever get it back…

Photo: "Seclusion Doors"


These seclusion rooms are located on the first floor, basement level, of the Polk Building, or K Building, at the Western State Hospital in Tennessee. These rooms contained two doors, the first has an open window with a metal covering. The second is a solid wood door with a glass window. This allowed nurses to check on patients but kept the noise to a minimum.  

Photo: "Inside the Cooling Tower"


First light seeps through a small personnel door in the side of the cooling tower.

Having the opportunity to revisit this location was really awesome. The last time I was here, it was incredibly humid and the temps reached the high 80's. I felt much more refreshed during this last visit and was able to capture some of the angles and perspectives I didn't photograph on the first visit. 

Photo: "Sloss Furnaces Warehouse"

Night. 90 second exposure. 

James Withers Sloss was one of the founders of the city of Birmingham, Alabama. In 1880, he founded the Sloss Furnace Company, where he constructed the city's first blast furnace and contributed to the industrial production of iron in the south. In 1899, when James Sloss sold the company to investors, they rebuilt the furnaces with modern equipment and also constructed brand new boilers .

The site operated until 1969 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1980's. The Sloss Furnaces now operate as a museum and are open to the public.