Photo: "Bull Moose"

It's not often that I post images of critters, because it's rare that I get close enough to get a great shot with the equipment I have. 

On this particular day in Wyoming, my Dad, brother and I were driving over a bridge into the town of Moose when we noticed a crowd of people standing on the bridge. We ran over to discover a bull moose, standing 10 feet below us, chilling and eating greens along the riverside. I had never seen a wild moose and seeing him that close in Moose, Wyoming was even better. 

Travel: 2,600 Miles of the Southwest Through My iPhone

I spent the last week of 2015 on the road. The adventure started when I met up with my friend Joe in the Grand Canyon and we continued our adventure exploring more of Arizona and Utah over the next 5 days. 

In the next few months, I'll be publishing fully processed DSLR images one at a time on my blog, but those images are not the only note-worthy moments from the trip. 

During our 2,600 miles on the road, I captured dozens of images on my phone. The photographs below are the moments in between each DSLR shutter click. These are moments seldom shared and also some of my favorite moments from my travels.