Grossinger's Resort Indoor Pool

Years ago, the Grossinger's Resort in Liberty, NY, was booming with guests. During the summer months, Jews would congregate here as an escape from the big city and come to Grossinger's, a place they felt accepted. All the food that was prepared was Kosher and the ammenities provided were spoke highly of. Celebrities such as singer Eddie Fisher and boxer Rocky Marciano frequented the resort.

The indoor pool was designed by Morris Lapidus, who was also known as the "architect of make believe." It was one of the grand masterpieces of the resort. The pool was adorned with lounge chairs, a diving board, beautiful wood beams, brass orb lighting fixtures and two viewing windows which gave guests a submarine-like feel as they viewed the underwater activity in the pool.

Since the resort closed in 1986, many of the lawn chairs have gone missing, ferns and moss have began covering the tiles and the wooden beams have begun to rot, but the pool is still a marvel.



"No Diving"

"UFO (Part II)"

Photo: "UFO"

The indoor swimming pool at Grossinger's Resort.

The Grossinger complex is comprised of 35 buildings on 1,200 acres of land. It was once a summer resort catering to 150,000 guests a year. The hotel featured top rated entertainment, served only Kosher meals and was the first resort to create fake snow for its guests. In the summers, this pool was once full of Jewish guests who viewed this resort as a location where they could congregate and be accepted.