Photo: "Zig Zag"

Overcast skies. 55 second exposure. Shot with a 10 stop ND filter.

During my trip to Portland last weekend, a few of the local photographers took me up to one of their favorite spots, Zig Zag Falls. As a California native, who hasn't been to the Pacific Northwest sinceI was a kid, I can honestly say I immediately fell in love with the greenery and the stunning fall colors. 

Photo: "Cooling Tower"

In 1977, the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) began construction of two nuclear power plants. It was the largest nuclear power plant project at the time and would contain five nuclear reactors; two 1,250 megawatt pressurized water reactors would be constructed at the Satsop plant.

After the project began, construction costs were nearly tripling the original budget and would end up costing around $24 billion, so in 1982, $3 billion into the project, construction was halted. One reactor was 75% completed; the other 16% done.