Photo: "Into the Night Light"

As I was packing up to leave the Hudson River Psychiatric Hospital in New York last spring, I realized I hadn't gotten a shot of this collapsed room, though I had walked right past it earlier in the day. I rushed down a few floors and set up just after the sun set behind the hill and light begun to turn soft.

It's not often I bracket my shots, but I made the decision to quickly snap 3 images of varying exposure, unsure if I would ever edit them together in a composite. Tonight, I finally blended all the images together to help balance the exposure for the bright windows, the room and also the dark collapse. 

Photo: Female Violent Ward Collapse

Female violent wards, Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital - New Jersey

When the outer wings of Greystone Park Psychiatric closed in the 1970's, a plan to protect the roof was never implemented and after experiencing many years of extreme East Coast weather, the decay has become dangerous.

The hospital completely shut down in 2008 after a new hospital was constructed behind the original campus. Sadly, this beautiful historic stone building is slated for demolition later this year.

Photo: "Little Boxes"


Storage closet in the female wards at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey.

Over the last few decades much of this hospital has been collapsing due to weather and lack of upkeep. The Administration section of the asylum was the most recently abandoned portion, vacated less than 10 years ago, due to the construction of a new Greystone behind the current decaying building.

Unfortunately, this building is in danger of demolition and will likely be nothing more than a piece of forgotten history by the end of 2014.


Photo: "Three Floors & An Armoire"

The collapse in the female wings of Hudson River State Hospital is extensive. When the hospital shut down, no efforts were made to cover the roof of the wings and the weather eventually began to take it's toll on this beautiful Kirkbride Building.

This image shows a storage closet on the second floor with a collapsed ceiling and floor, which allows us to see the identical storage closet on the first floor and possibly a patient or nurses room on the 3rd floor with a beautiful armoire.