Photo: "Cadillac Dreams"

75 second single exposure. f/10. ISO 200. 
Lit with moonlight and a Streamlight Stinger flashlight.

Since I was a teenager, I have wanted a Cadillac from one of the three years between 1959 - 1961. They are rare and typically when I see one, I get butterflies, but seeing this one rusting in this junkyard made me sad. I knew the only thing I could do would be to take photographs, so I did. 

Photo: "The Ford"

In a past life, she got someone where they needed to go. 
She played tunes on her radio, that someone sang along to. 
She drank more gasoline than the owner expected. 
She broke someone's heart when she was sold. 
She lives on in the memories. 

(Night. 120 seconds. Full moon covered in clouds. Lit with Streamlight Stinger flashlight.)

Photo: "Missing Doorlandia"


A few years ago I used to get out and shoot one night almost every full moon with a regular group of nocturnal photographers. These days my schedule is a lot busier and I tend to do more sunrise shooting, so I don't get out at night as often as I'd like. I'm definitely hoping to change that this year. 

This image is from the archives, from a car dismantler in Northern California. The collection of cars here is pretty incredible and they all possess such amazing personalities. 

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Photo: "1950 Ford Woody"

"We could ride the surf together
While our love would grow
In my woody I would take you everywhere I go
So I say from me to you
I will make your dreams come true
Do you love me do you surfer girl."
     - Beach Boys


My Dad started a business restoring the wood on these cars when I was a child. I have such fond memories of riding around in these woodies, listening toThe Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. It's really not difficult to imagine why I am such a beach bum.