Photo: "Lit Tunnel Junction"

Tunnel junction inside a Titan I ICBM Missile site in California. 

Wandering through this pitch dark space was incredibly surreal, but it also allowed me to take a "blank canvas" and create the scene I envisioned by using light. 

(Lit with a single LED panel off camera right as well as a flashlight to brighten the end of the tunnel on the left)

Photo: "Blast Lock, No.3"

Blast doors for Launch Silo No.3 - Beale 851-C Titan I Missile Base

To me, these types of images are really fun to create.  This space was pitch dark, so to get this shot, I set up an LED panel at the camera, shining towards the blast doors to get a composition. Once the framing was set, I took a LED panel and placed it beneath the walkway on the right. I also placed a panel behind the ajar door. Lastly, during the exposure, I light painted the circular section of the tunnel, near the camera, with a flashlight.

Photo: "Antenna Terminal"

This tunnel, leading away from the launch silos, leads towards the  antenna terminals for the Titan I ICBM base. At the end of the junction are two 65 foot tall cylindrical structures that once contained the inflatable radome, responsible for tracking and guidance, for the underground site.

Photo: Titan Tunnels Are Peace

Tunnel Junction, Launch Equipment Terminal - Beale 851-C Missile Base, Chico

It's hard to describe the feeling I had when I took my first breath of the stale air inside the Titan Missile Silo. It brought back many memories of other locations that smelled very similar; stale, damp and toxic.

For the rest of the 8 hour shoot, I wore a respirator, which drove me crazy, but in the end it didn't matter because there's something so peaceful and relaxing about wandering around places like this, which I'm sure that seems so strange to most of you. This location in particular was a place that was saturated with war, a location that terrorized many, but when I was here, it was a place of peace.

What is your happy place?

Photo: "Baffles"

Sound baffles were installed on the ceiling of the underground power station of a former Titan I ICBM base to help prevent the loud sounds of the machinery from reverberating due to the circular ceiling. 

"Missile Launch Silo No. 2"


Looking into the no. 2 launch silo inside the Beale 851-C Titan I Missile Base


During the base's operation (1962-1965), the 165 foot deep launch silo would have contained a crib structure to support the 52 foot tall Titan I missile.