Photographer Showcase: Rustyjaw

I stumbled upon Rustyjaw's flickr, when I just started to become serious about photography and wanted to learn about HDR's. I must admit, it was an incredibly refreshing find.

Prior to that, I never liked HDR's, in fact I avoided trying them myself because I always saw examples that resembled an altered reality with their incredibly saturated colors, soft focus and unrealistic contrast. I never believed in an HDR subtlety, until I saw his work.

I was enamored by his talent for processing incredibly realistic, beautifully toned and detailed photos. Not only that, but his eye for intriguing compositions and his unique creative style completed the triptych of skills photographers should posess.

Every photo submerges the viewer into his world as he documents the old relics, slowly fading from our lives.

You ca
n find more of his work on his website or check out his recent DSLR video projects here.