Photo: "Blast Lock, No.3"

Blast doors for Launch Silo No.3 - Beale 851-C Titan I Missile Base

To me, these types of images are really fun to create.  This space was pitch dark, so to get this shot, I set up an LED panel at the camera, shining towards the blast doors to get a composition. Once the framing was set, I took a LED panel and placed it beneath the walkway on the right. I also placed a panel behind the ajar door. Lastly, during the exposure, I light painted the circular section of the tunnel, near the camera, with a flashlight.

Photo: "Antenna Terminal"

This tunnel, leading away from the launch silos, leads towards the  antenna terminals for the Titan I ICBM base. At the end of the junction are two 65 foot tall cylindrical structures that once contained the inflatable radome, responsible for tracking and guidance, for the underground site.

Photo: "Lurking"

Prior to the February Yosemite trip, I purchased an LED lantern with (4) removable, battery powered panels. Not only is the lantern great for camping, but the panels are small, light weight and can be individually carried around and used for light painting. 

This was my first shot testing out their functionality. A ladder would have been helpful when painting the higher branches of the tree, but this was essentially the effect I was aiming for. I am anxious to continue testing and improving this method. 

Yosemite National Park, California. 
(Night. 80 seconds. Lit with (4) LED panels.)