Photo: "Theatre Gold"


This theatre was part of a facility for feeble-minded women, particularly between the ages of 16 and 45.  It was designed to detain, segregate, care for and train these women and operated from 1920 to 1998. 

Despite the hospital's dark history, this theatre was quite beautiful. I loved the worn texture of the wooden seats, the missing tiles on the ceiling playing a game of Tetris and the beautiful massive windows with gaudy golden draperies. 


Photo: "Through 1921 Eyes"


When Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital accepted its first patients in April 1874, they opened the doors to both male and female patients though the original plan was to treat only males. 

The original administration building experienced an attic fire in 1921 and though the patients were safely removed and records preserved, the building was basically destroyed. One portion of the original wings was salvaged, shown here, but the porches and ornamental architecture was removed.