Photo: "Fog Blanket"


Last night, I had intentions of shooting sunset at one of the local beaches. I watched the wispy clouds all day hoping they'd stick around and rushed back to the city in the afternoon, but as sunset neared, the clouds disappeared and the fog rolled in too thick for my original plans. 

Today, I never intended to shoot the sunset, but once I noticed a less dense fog creeping over my house in Twin Peaks, I figured tonight, I'd embrace it. I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door and arrived at the Twin Peaks lookout just in time to capture a few shots of the city basking in a pink glow. 

I hung out and waited for blue hour, which happens to be my absolute favorite time of day for photos, and captured this image while chatting to a marketing rep from+pashadelic. From the lookout, I didn't notice City Hall was lit up in rainbow colors, so that was a nice surprise when I began editing the images. 

Photo: "Tucked In"


My alarm went off at 7am this morning and the only few words I remember from the radio program was "Thick, low fog on the Golden Gate Bridge this morning..." Sadly, I didn't paid attention to the forecast last night, or I might have been out shooting. Hopefully +Joe Azure got something good :-)

This shot is from my first fog morning ever, taken a few weeks ago. It was a glorious morning. 

Photo: "One Eye Open"


A few weeks ago, I got to experience an amazing fog morning from the Marin Headlands. Within moments of getting out of the car, I understood first hand why +Joe Azure spends so many mornings up here.

Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but it was also peaceful and quite surreal. An entire city exists under this fog blanket; a place where hundreds of people are commuting to work, taking their kids to school, going for a morning run, all unaware of the beautiful show that was taking place a few hundred feet above their heads.