Photo: "Sutro Baths and Cliff House"

On this particular night in March, +Tran Mai and I decided to grab dinner before shooting Sutro Baths for sunset. Dinner lasted longer than expected and we arrived here with about 15 minutes to spare. As soon as the sun went down, we were joined by +Hillary Fox, who was in town. I opened the shutter while we were talking and watching the waves. 

Photo: "Place of Peace"

I grew up in Southern California and until I turned 21 and moved to San Francisco, I never lived more than a mile from the beach, where I spent many nights and weekends. Sometimes I was with friends, sometimes I'd go for a swim on a hot night, sometimes I read a book, and sometimes I'd sit and watching the waves, reflecting about something going on in my life.

The beach has always been my place of peace.