Photo: "Chapel Ceiling"

Chapel inside the Administration Building at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Greystone Psychiatric Hospital was constructed along the Kirkbride plan and admitted its first patient in 1877. The outer portions of the male and female wings were abandoned in the 1970's, but most of the remained in operation until 2008 before fully shutting down. Sadly, this massive, gorgeous hospital will be demolished later this year. 

Photo: "Attic, St. Joseph's Church"


St. Joseph's Church in San Francisco, California was reconstructed in 1913 after experiencing significant damage from the 1906 quake. This attic in the West steeple has the original stained glass from construction. 

Being in this small space was pretty remarkable. The stained glass windows were shining beautifully in the sunlight, casting yellow hues around the room. 

Photo: "Light Inside"

I had the opportunity last week to make a return trip to the beautiful St. Joseph's Church in San Francisco. 

In 1906, an earthquake and fire destroyed this building. It was reconstructed in 1913 and remained in operation until the 1989 quake when it was deemed structurally unsound. The church has been vacant since. 

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Photo: "Always Take the Backroads"

Antioch Baptist Church, Georgia

While on road trips, I like to avoid the major freeways and take backroads when possible, because most often, the best finds are off the beaten path. 

While cruising through Georgia, in between shooting abandoned asylums, +ed roppo and I stumbled upon this church. It appeared to still be in use, the front door was open, but it was a great fine nonetheless. 

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Photo: "Romanesque Curves"


St. Joseph's was re-constructed in 1913, after being completely destroyed in the 1906 quake. San Francisco architect John Foley was hired to design the building and chose the Romanesque Revival Style, which was not very common for this time period, as it was primarily utilized many years prior. 

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