Photo: "Equipment Terminal"


Light seeps into Level III, the 'Launch and Checkout Room,' of the equipment terminal at the Beale 851-C Titan I Missile Base.


The equipment terminal contained 4 floors, accessed by personnel elevators and ladders connecting the levels. The walls were 18" thick and suspended in such a way that they would not be damaged if there was an explosion in the nearby silo.

"Missile Launch Silo No. 2"


Looking into the no. 2 launch silo inside the Beale 851-C Titan I Missile Base


During the base's operation (1962-1965), the 165 foot deep launch silo would have contained a crib structure to support the 52 foot tall Titan I missile. 

Photo: "Wash Away"

Valley View, Yosemite National Park 

Valley View, Yosemite National Park 


Last Saturday, I made an impromptu visit to Yosemite in search of some new fallen snow, which never quite made it down to the valley, but the mountain tops were beautifully capped, which was good enough for me. It felt so amazing to be back in nature. I definitely need to do this more often. 

Photo: "Missing Doorlandia"


A few years ago I used to get out and shoot one night almost every full moon with a regular group of nocturnal photographers. These days my schedule is a lot busier and I tend to do more sunrise shooting, so I don't get out at night as often as I'd like. I'm definitely hoping to change that this year. 

This image is from the archives, from a car dismantler in Northern California. The collection of cars here is pretty incredible and they all possess such amazing personalities. 

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Photo: "Hospital Corridor"


The Mare Island Naval Shipyard Hospital was constructed when the shipyard was established in the late 1800's, however the beautiful, original building experienced severe damage in an 1898 quake. 

The replacement building shown here is the central section of a three and four story building and a great example of Beaux Arts classicism. Not only that, but it is unique in style for the shipyard.

Since the building's inception, many modifications have been made, including drop ceilings, many new layers of paint and the addition of better HVAC systems. 

When the shipyard closed in the 1990's, the hospital became vacant. In the recent years Touro University has been using the building for storage.  

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Photo: "Attic, St. Joseph's Church"


St. Joseph's Church in San Francisco, California was reconstructed in 1913 after experiencing significant damage from the 1906 quake. This attic in the West steeple has the original stained glass from construction. 

Being in this small space was pretty remarkable. The stained glass windows were shining beautifully in the sunlight, casting yellow hues around the room.