Pics of the Week (6/16/10)

Untitled - sureShutThe contrast between the soft white curved lines and sharp dark lines in this photo really do it for me. The framing is really nice, especially with the curved lines leading in from the bottom right corner of the frame.

Giant's Causeway - DavidCidrePhotography
The color combination here is very beautiful; the sky in warmer tones and the water in cooler hues. The motion in the clouds and water add a nice fantasy feeling to this image.

scale - moucri
The framing in this shot is spectacular. The fact that it's extremely off centered is fantastic. I also love how the color of the car almost camoflages it in the scene. Really great.

The Lost City - AndersonImages
To me, this photo emmulates a fantasy world. Having been to Machu Picchu, I can say first hand, that it is a very alien-like landscape. The fog in this photo really helps to accentuates that.

Elephant Seal Pup - Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography
This photo captures such an incredible moment. This pup looks very curious and playful, almost as if he is interacting with the photographer. The exposure is incredible. He captured the details in the foreground without over-exposing the sky.

JFW - Zena Holloway
I stumbled upon this photographer accidentally and was immediately captivated by her work. This photograph was definitely one of my favorites. You might not know from looking at this shot, but it was taken underwater. To me, that makes it more intriguing. The photographer captured beautiful expressions and poses even despite the constraints of the water. The shape of the model's body on the right is beautiful.

back to the beqa lagoon #5 - pats0n
Wow! I love how in-your-face the shark is here, yet at the same time, the photographer was still able to keep his whole body in the shot. That makes it much more powerful.

/ / / | \ - maxxsmart
The anonymous nature of this photos subjects really works here. The light reflecting off the towers in combination with the clouds is truly stunning. The photographer's black and white processing is fantastic, as usual.

Untitled - LaraJade
For me, the hanging flowers in this shot make it really magical. The similar hues and tones work well here, and the contrast of the model's pastel dress on the grass really works nicely.

Untitled - Christoph Morlinghaus
This photo captivates me in a strange way. I love the symmettry and lack of it here. The angle of the cars is pleasant to the eye and the lines in the empty stalls really put this shot over the top. Fantastic abstract!