Pics of the Week (4/5/10)

Fin - Autopsea
At first glance, I was drawn to the colors and detail in this shot. The photographer captured a great moment here, showing a Clown Fish hiding inside an anemone.

Looking for the Light - andywon
The mood of this photo is fantastic.  I love the cool tranquility of this shot. I am also left curious, waiting, because it's almost as though someone or something should appear from the mist at the end of the path.

CeCy Young
The creativity here is great. I love her take on Alice and Wonderland.

untitled - moucri
Beautifully simple and slightly abstract. I love the depth of field, especially when it comes to the waterdrops.

Changes - murdokibz
Great colors and framing of the moving water between the rocks on the left and right. The synonymous motion of the clouds and water works well together.

Dunes - Thierry Hennet
This photo has beautiful curves and lines that vanish nicely into the left corner of the frame. Nice subtle abstract feel to the shot.

Anchor and Chain - AGrinberg
Great composition, colors and textures. I love the touch of water in the left corner of the frame, giving the photo a little more context. Beautiful!

Wedge Dunes Sunset - jeffiebrown
This place looks so peaceful and serene. I love the clouds and lines in the sand. Gorgeous detail!

even ovals - Mor.gan
I've always been captivated by waves since I was a kid. I can sit at the beach and watch them break on the shore for hours and never get bored. This shot demonstrates that curiosity and fascination very well. Beautiful wave, blue water and blue skies.

Sardes, 2003 - nuri bilge ceylan
This is a truly unique photograph, as it's a cinemascope, the format of shooting widescreen from the 50's-60's. I love that this photographer has gone back to this format. There is no useless space in this photo. Every inch of this photo captures an important element of the scene. I love how the person is framed in the right portion of the photo. Great setting and composition here.