Pics of the Week (4/13/10)

Duelling Zebras - wwarby
What a great moment, captured in time. Love the position of the zebras and the fact that one is bearing his teeth. Fantastic capture.

Help Is Here - TakenPictures
I see a great story within this image, about a lonely car, in need of some TLC. Fantastic exposure and lighting as well as composition.

Magic Curves - Bousure
The lighting on the steps is incredible here, drawing your eye right to the beautiful curves in the staircase. Fantastic composition.

Empty Kingdom - City Eyes
The symmetry of this shot is appealing to me. I love the colors and lines in the chairs, contrasting with the curves of the entryway.

Essex County Jail - Future Impaired
The colors initially drew my eye to this photograph, butthe textures and compsition are also very nice. I find myself wondering what's behind the barred window.

- Julie Michelle (CaliberSF)This photo makes me feel lonely, but I love how she's looking into the distance yet you can barely see the silhouettes of the sailboats through the fog.

The Four Corners Hotel - Tunnelbug
The colors of this shot are fantastic. I love the red fire escape and the bare trees on either side of the house. The photographer did a nice job with the HDR processing on this shot.

Brown Vine Snake, Panama - Andrew Carrano (National Geographic)

The depth of field in this shot is fantastic because it makes me feel like the snake is about to bit me. I love the detail in his eyes and mouth. Fantastic moment captured here. 

Iceland - Andri Elfarsson
The blue colors in the water definitely caught my attention first, but as I studied the person in the photo, I began to wonder what he would say to me if I was  there and spoke to him. I'd want to ask him what he is doing standing there. This photo gives me so many opportunities to create a story in my head, not to mention it's beautifully photographed. 

Cochese. - ~ Buffalonian ~
I love the perspective of this photo. It really helps personify the car to me. Beautiful colors and processing as well.