Pics of the Week (2/8/10)

Langjokull Glacier, Iceland - Tyler Stableford
To me, this photo tells an incredible story of courage, strength and determination while it captures the incredible details and colors of this ice environment. The framing is stellar and I love the contrast of the red jacket against the ice.

Jasper Sunset - Chip Philips
This photo has a lot of really beautiful tones, especially in the sky & reflection. There's a nice depth to it, the way the trees lead to the mountain in the deeper background. Stunning!

bus Stop - Chocolate-Milk
I like the combination of nature & urban decay here, especially with the snow on the ground. I think the photographer chose a great color for the lighting inside the bus and did a great job with the exposure, especially with the sky.

Maligne Starry Sky - Dominic Kamp
I love the composition and framing of this photograph; the vertically offset composition works beautifully. The exposure is wonderfully done. I also love the overall cold feeling of the image, which pairs nicely with the starry night.

In Heaven - Dominic Kamp
I first saw this photo and thought it was a reflection in the sand at a beach, until I saw the tree in the center of the frame on the far right. (You missed it too, didn't you?) I love how subtle the horizon reference is and how the brightest light is coming from behind that "cloud-like" tree. The title of this photo definitely resembles it's feel, heavenly. 

The Boss is Pissed - takenpictures
I love how Mike Hows gave this car such character with the lighting and angle of the photo; the car definitely looks angry and upset. He did a nice job differenciating this car from the ones in the background, by using the lighting to make it stand out.

Not so Golden Gate: Marin Headlands California - Ivan Sohrakoff
There's a few different vantage points for Golden Gate Bridge photos, but most of the photos I've seen from each spot look very similar. I love how the photographer got a slightly different take on the bridge in this shot. I like the vertical composition, the way the fog desaturates the orange of the bridge and the fact that I can't see the city in the background.

Fog wars - sparth
This photo has a fantastic two-toned processing and subtle touches, the fog and birds flying low to the water, giving it fantasy feel. It almost feels like a fairy tale. Very well done!

Aurora Boealis, Tromvik - antonyspencer
The cool tones in this image work well together, complimenting one another nicely. I love how the lights in the sky wrap from the top center of the frame down to the right then into the center near the peaks. It's a beautiful shape, mirroring the hills/mountains.

Blast Lock - Scott Haefner
The strongest elements in this photo are the light painting and depth it gives the photo. The different colors of light help seperate the three sections of the photo, giving the viewer a great POV. The subject is incredible significant (this is inside a Titan II missile silo), but even to an unknowledgable eye the photo is still interesting.