Pics of the Week (11/4/10)

Early in the Morning -

Love the monochromatic colors here and the way the droplets hang from the web. Fantastic!

Sapphire in the Storm - chaybert (Brian Reub)
The colors and textures here are jaw-dropping. I love the surrealistic feel this image creates, like you've been sucked into a fantasy land.

Karo Boy -
The images evokes such a powerful emotion. His eyes tell such a story and I love how 'real' this image is.

Hawker - Martino - NL
What a fantastic point of view. I think the tilted angle of this photo really works here, since it's from inside the cockpit. The urban explorer in me definitely finds this subject incredibly interesting. It's not often that one comes across an abandoned aircraft.

Greenville State Hospital - Future Impaired
Wow, this staircase has me in awe. The exposure here is really well done (I guess shooting this with a medium format camera didn't hurt) and the lines and circles are very complimentary.

Tuberculosis Ward - earthmagnified
My favorite parts of this image involve the broken glass on the door in the foreground and the lamps hanging from the ceiling. I'm also drawn to the center of the frame by the nice composition of the image.

a perfect sunset II - mistybliss
This expression. That is what sold me on this image. Her eyes are so intense and lonely, they pull the viewer in. I think it's a nice contrast to the bright, cheery feel of the flowers and background.


sapphire-sentinel - chaybert (Brian Reub)
If I hadn't seen this image on Flickr (with the description) I wouldn't have any idea what the scale of this iceberg is, but I am not sure it matters. I love the wide array of colors here; the wam colors of the sky balancing the cool colors of the ice. Fantastic job.

Trick or Treat - navdog
Though Halloween is over, I love the dark, dreary, creepy feel to this photo. The texture in the sky works perfectly to help convey this feeling and for me, the "No Trespassing" sign just seals the deal.

Mourning Daisy - LaraJade
I have been following photographer LaraJade for a while now. Her work always impresses me, but I am particularly fond of her self portraits and this one spoke to me. I love the mysterious feel to it, with the daisy and shadow covering one eye. I think it's very nicely framed and the dark color of her eyes and hair contrasts nicely with the natural colors on the bottom and top of the frame.