Pics of the Week (1/21/10)

Southern Oregon Coast - Jesse Estes
The lighting in this photo is truly beautiful, especially how it breaks up through the trees. I also think the asymetrical feel is appealing. The photographer posted a color version of this shot, but the tones in the B&W shot are much more striking.

Untitled - moucri
This photo has so many great elements, like the detail and textures in the cherry blossoms and feathers. She did a really nice job with the bokeh and the off-set composition. She was also able to capture the character of these wild parrots in this photo.

upper yosemite falls moonbow - Ilikethenight
A friend once told me that moonbows existed, when the full moon was just right. Well this is definitely one of the better photos of a moonbow I've seen. The composition and exposure are perfect and the I think the saturation of the sky in the upper part of the frame is a nice balance to the moonbow colors in the lower portion of the frame.

Scofflaw - Lost America
The composition and colors of this shot caught my attention first. The touch of red on the fence really helps it stand out against the grey building and the use of space within the frame is spot on.

Hannah - rinaen
The B&W treatment here is great, especially with the light coming over her left shoulder, washing out the upper right corner. I love the pose and expression on her face. Beautiful!

Black Hole
- Scott Haefner
The wide angle/fisheye treatment on this shot is perfect. It gives the photo a grandioise, other worldy character. The dark, ominous shadows really creates an eery feeling, leaving you wondering what else lies within the silo.

Bowling Ball Beach - maxxsmart
This is one of the more interesting shots I've seen of this location. I love the rich tones in this photo, definitely a good choice to convert to B&W. The angle of the rocks going from from the right side of the frame to the left makes the composition interesting and the light in the sky at the horizon helps define where the sky begins and the sea ends.

Stairs - Emma I.
Seeing this shot made me really want to send a bouncy ball down this set of stairs. It's quirky, elegant, playful, abstract and stunning. I love how the steps all show on the upper side of the stairs, giving it this offbalance, yet interesting composition. The colors are fantastic as well. Overall, this is brilliant!

Center Stage - no3rdw
I saw this and was tempted to book a trip to the East Coast the following weekend. This captured my curiosity as well as the event production / concert go-er in me. Venues like this in the US don't exist anymore. I love how the perspective shows the immense size of this place. Stunning!

Untitled - Bill Reichardt
Where do I start? Everything about this shot is great. The red laytex gloves caught my attention first, then I started looking at the creative perspective of the shot. Every inch of the frame is full of interesting details, like the pots on the floor, the smoke in the upper left corner of the frame, the flaming teddy bear, the cross necklace. He captured a great expression here and left me wondering why she was inside a cupboard and why is the teddy bear in the over and on fire. I only wish the fingers hadn't been cut off, but overall it's an incredible shot!