Pics of the Week (1/2/10)

Christmas Eve - Antti-Jussi Liikakla
The colors of this photo really speak to me. The haze and the gradient from blue to yellow to blue really conveys the photo's mood. I like the unsymmetric composition with the moon on the left and trees on the right.

Merry Christmas - Kerry Park, Queen Anne, Seattle
- kevin mcneal
The stunning blanket of magenta covering this photo makes me curious to see what the sunset looked like. The beautiful, soft texture of the clouds is a nice contrast to the sharp, boxy cityscape skyline.

Western Clown anemone fish (2)
- Paul Flandinette
The composition of the fish in this photo is pleasing to my eye, with the size of the fish ranging from large to small. The color contrast between the red of the anemone's shell, the orange of the fish and the bright green of the tentacles is truly beautiful.

In the Moment #2 - Rodeo Beach, California - Jim Patterson Photography

This photo has two main appeals for me; the motion in the water wrapping around the rock and the texture in the foreground rock, in contrast to the silouetted rocks in the background.  The position of the sun behind the center rock is a nice focal point.

Untitled - jackbritboy
This photo is incredibly compelling to me. The lighting is truly beautiful, especially on her eyes, skin and lips as well as the leather portion of the dress.  I also like the unusual composition, with her arm covering one eye.

Titan I Operational Systems Test Facility - Tunnelbug
The added green lighting at the end of this tunnel is eye catching and creates nice shadows on the corregated walls. I also find the dripping water intriguing. The rusted floor and walls in the foreground is a really beautiful contrast to the green.

Giannis D (16) - Paul Flandinette
Seeing this photo makes me want to go out and get PADI certified tomorrow. I like how this photo spans from the water's surface to the sea floor. The scuba diver gives an added sense of scale, which is necessary for this photo. I love the angle of the ship and the vast amount of detail. Beautiful!

West Indian Manatees - Crystal River, Florida
- James R.D. Scott
The shades of blue in this photo are incredible and the added touch of color from the yellow fish in the background helps create better color dynamics. The position of the manatees and their beautiful reflection in the water's surface is also captivating.

KISS: Concert Photos - Todd |
He captured a rare moment, a look inside the stage life of a legendary performer. The focus remained on the face and body, giving the hand a very 'in your face' out of focus look. Great shot!

Copenhaver Castle - Scott Haefner
I think my favorite part about this shot is the cactus (and its shadow). It really helps give this photo depth and helps balance the castle in the right side of the photo. The driveway does a nice job of leading your eye upwards towards the castle.