Pics of the Week (12/14/09)

Titan II Missile - Scott Haefner
There photo definitely caught my eye for the "cool factor," but I also love the colors, processing and depth of the photo. The yellow hue and the shaded area in the center of the frame help give the subject perspective and depth.

Eastern Screech Owl - BigBrotherBear
This is a very nice use of bokeh and colors behind the owl. I am also impressed by how the photographer framed the photo. Beautiful!

Pinsetter - rustyjaw
What beautiful, gritty processing! The vast amount of detail is such a nice touch to this shot, especially on the pin. The lighting helps my eye focus on the subject while slightly illuminating the rest of the frame.

Haunted House on Happy Hill - Loren Zemlicka
The processing of this shot caught my eye right away. I love the warm tones of the house and grass, mixed with the slightly grey, cooler sky. I also like the slightly off-centered composition of the photo.

Out Out Outhouse - soundguy20000
The lightpainting of this photos adds such a nice touch. I like how the color of the gelled strobe inside  the shack matches the hues of the lights in the distance. The spilling light coming out of the door and the shadow of the shack from the moon are all great assets to this shot.

Golden Gate Bridge - Jay Tankersley Photography
While I typically am not a fan of square photos, I like the way this one turned out. Every portion of the frame has a detail worth paying attention to. The misty, motioned water and color of the sky helps give this photo a surreal feel.

Underwater Ofu - AndersonImages
This is pure paradise! These are the types of photos that motivate me to travel. They entise my every sense, pulling me in. I feel emersed. I love the split image, giving us a view of two very different worlds and the color contrast between the two halves of the photo are beautiful. I'm very impressed by how the lines in the ocean lead your eye to the "V" in the mountain in the center of the frame. Stunning!

Shark Alley - AndersonImages
The composition of this shot is interesting. I think the coral reef on the lower left half of the frame works because the subjects are in the upper right portion of the frame, creating a nice offset of one another. I like the natural effect of the water, giving farther subjects less color and contrast, which forces the shark in the center of the frame to stand out. Captivating!

Bonsai Rock - Lake Tahoe, Nevada - Jim Patterson Photography
I love the perspective of this photo, giving the feeling as though you are submersed in the lake. The reflection of the sky in the water, in contrast to the rock shadows, is a beautiful touch, making the rocks pop. The colors are beautiful and the composition soothing.