Pics of the Week (11/5/09)

Light weaver- Arno Dil

I am terrified of spiders and normally close images of them on the web rather quickly, but I saw this one and didn't close the tab. I was intrigued by the incredibly creative perspective. I love the use of depth of field here and think the way he filled the frame is really interesting.

ID - Zuan
Upon first glance, I assume this photo is a fashion piece showcasing the glove, but this photo also leaves me with questions. Who is this girl? Why that expression? What is she doing with her hand and eye?  I feel as though it leaves the viewer to imagine all of these answers while being fun & quirky.

Dark Alley - Rustyjaw
I absolutely love the processing on this shot. Rustyjaw has one of the finest HDR processing techniques and it shows here. I love the framing, perspective and the orange light in the background drawing your eye into the frame.

DQ - Noel Kerns
I love the cool colors in this shot and the way the roof covers the image frame horizontally. Noel has left me curious about the contents that were left behind when this Dairy Queen was abandoned by his use of a light inside the store.

Buck Hill Inn - Jeff McMullin
When I look at this photo, I am left with a lot of questions and most of them stem from the fact that I know this place is abandoned (based on his flickr tags and his typical subjects). I want to know why the roller skates were left, what the papers on the counter say and I want to see what the rest of this Inn looks like. I like enjoy subtle depth of field and colors.

Have A Meddingly Happy Halloween - Boy_Wonder
I saw this shot in Flickr Explore and couldn't help but smile. Part of it was because I love Alice and Wonderland, but I also think I enjoyed the quirky and fun attitude in this photo. I like the misty forest feel and lighting of the photo as well as his expression.

The Ice Cavern - Michael Anderson
My first reaction to this image was disbelief and awe. I was shocked when I realized this was not a National Geographic image. I was blown away by the use of space within the frame, lighting and processing of this shot. It looks like an incredible place I could only dream of visiting.

Macbeth - NZ Opera - Alexia Sinclair
I typically don't find heavily Photoshopped or unrealistic photos intriguing, but this one caught me eye. I thought the processing was very well done and I love how the models are so involved in the scene, with their positioning and expressions. The ghost of the man and the scarf (acting as blood) are also great elements to this shot.

Leave the lights on for me - Sheldon Nalos
I love the framing of this shot and the star trails definitely make it more interesting. I like the overall darkness of the image (so that you don't see what surrounds the house) with the exception of the house interior. The light falling out the front door is also a really nice touch.

Untitled - Steve Bloom

 What a unique perspective of African Wildlife. The colors are beautiful, but the shadows really make this shot incredible.