Pics of the Week (11/30/09)

Antelope-Curves - chaybert
The colors of this image are incredibly striking. I love the smooth textures and the way the light creates shadows. The eye has a lot of lines and shapes to play with here.

Garrapata State Park - JT-Photos
Even though the horizon splits this image in two, I see three sections of the photo (land, sea & sky), all containing beautiful detail. The cloud burst and misted water is a really nice touch to this landscape.

China Camp Island - maxxsmart
This photo captures my idea of perfect black and white processing, spanning from true black to true white. The photo is nicely balanced with the dark tones in the light water and light tones in the dark sky. I also love the mystical, fantasy feel to the image.

Under the Sun's Rays - Trevor Anderson
The colors and lighting in this photo are very fairytale-like, conveying a great sense of mystery and beauty. The white flowers are particularly interesting, with their orange tint from the sun working nicely with their orange centers. The small plants in the foreground create a nice silhouette, especially in contrast to the lighter background.

Nightmare - brentbat
The way this photo was lit is incredible and really helps point your eye to the subject, while also leaving her face half in the shadows. The graffiti behind the girls head is a really haunting and an eerie addition to the photo as well as the smoke/dust in the air. I get such a feeling of lonliness and desolation from this photo, but it is still beautiful.

Bursting in the Bristlecone - mm767cap
Beautiful black & white photo with lots of detail, even in the shadows. The sun beam between the branches of the tree is the deal breaker for me, but my eye is satisfied from the foreground to the background.

Alone - Fevi in Cayman
I am probably biased to this photo because I love rays, but I think this shot is simple and beautiful regardless. The gradient of color from desaturated at the bottom of the image to very saturated at the top is beautiful and is a nice contrast to the dark ray.

IIIIIIIIIIII////// - Heilah
When looking at this photograph, I am torn between feeling sad and feeling pleased. In a photographic sense, this image is very interesting; the play between the lines, beautiful. However there is a very lonely feeling conveyed by the zebra in this image that makes me sad; a nice dichotomy for my emotions.

Education Wing - Scott Haefner
The depth and lighting in this image intitially drew my eye to this photograph. The most prominent areas of light are at the doors, which also causes the shadows to fall in the less interesting aspects of the photo in a perfect, yet natural manner.  I also love the contrasting lines between the ceiling lights and the angles of the doors.  What a great grungy feel this photo converys; I can almost smell the murky, musty scent inside this building.