Pics of the Week (11/16/09)

Old Crystal Mill, Colorado - Stephen Oachs
I have seen a few different shots from this location, but this is my favorite. The processing of this shot is stellar. The tones range from true white to true black and the colors are stunning. The composition is spot on and the tall tree in the center of the frame draws your eye nicely to the mill.

Predawn Glow - Sheldon Nalos
I love how the moving water walks the eye to the peak in the background. The added brightness, from the sun on the peak, also helps move your eye that direction without being too bright, distracting from the rest of the photo. The bit of water leading to the bottom left of the frame also helps break up the, what would be, large chunk of snow in the foreground.  

Untitled - robdobi
I was first drawn to this shot by the lighting. The shadows really help accentuate the details, shape and depth of the tub. This composition also appeals to be me in a lucid, yet interesting way.

- spacetimecurvature
This shot has very nice lines, leading from the corners of the frame into the center, drawing your eye to the pins and scoreboard. I like the use of lighting, combining the 2 hues to give a sense of depth.

Abandoned House - Jeff McMullin
This shot makes me feel lonely. It appears as though the resident of this house vanished, piquing my curiosity, leaving me wondering why these items were left behind. The details are nice, as is the lighting.

Timeless by Michael Anderson - AndersonImages

This image is inundated with detail, creating a fantastic, straight out of 'National Geographic' feel. The cormorant, with its' wings extended, is the deal breaker for me.  The photographer created such a moment, a sliver in time, by capturing the lighting and motion of the wings in this manner.

Aerosmith! - Todd |
The 'in-your-face' perspective of this photo is dynamite! I love the reflection in Steven Tyler's glasses and the way he's holding the mic stand. This is the type of concert photo I would love to have in my portfolio.

a sighting - It was the light, it was the angle
My first thought upon glancing at this photo is of snow angels, which is a great contrast to the colors and textures of this abandoned building. I also love the way the blinds are synonymous to her dress in shape and color.

Giraffe Tiles - Zack Schnepf
This photo is interesting to me because it's hard to define a sense of scale, but the detail and texture is incredible and I love the warm/cool color contrast between the sand and sky.

Vilamendhoo and Reef - StormCab
I absolutely love this! What a beautiful example of two different worlds. I love how the color of the blue fish matches the sky, creating a nice tie between the two halves of the photo.